DAWN 808 Hangover Cure - The science behind the magic

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Dawn 808 was the first patented commercially-available Hangover Cure in the world. It was invented by Dr. Jong Hyun Nam who after his 808th attempts finally perfected the formula to effectively reduce hangover after drinking, back in 1992.

Dawn 808 was a mega-hit in Korea after its launch in 1992, which ignited the now-booming hangover cure industry in the country. It now accounts for ~32% share of a USD150m market in Korea, and Dawn 808 is now officially sold in over 11 countries including Korea. It is also the #1 brand voted by consumers and is widely favoured by the business and corporate individuals in the country.

As part of the patent filings by Glami Co,. Ltd for Dawn 808, there was various research conducted by the Dr. Jung to prove Dawn 808's product efficacy, the extracts of which we will share in following segments. In sections below, we will focus on what is Dawn 808 made of and how Dawn 808 works.

Dawn 808 is essentially a natural tea which contains an extract from Robinia peudo-acacia (i.e. false acacia), as a main active ingredient, which is obtained under a prescribed optimal extraction condition, to help relieve hangovers and revitalise liver functions. Other minor active ingredients include Hedyotis diffusa ( 白花蛇舌草 ), Amomi semen (black cardamom seed), Glycyrrhiza (Licorice) and Puerariae Flos (Japanese arrowroot) extracts - all of which natural herbs traditionally used by Koreans as hangover cures.

Hangover occurs due to the accumulation of alcohol or acetaldehyde in the body which in turn is caused by the lack of alcohol dehydroghenase, or acetaldehyde dehydronease - both naturally occuring enyzmes within the human body. When alcohol is ingested, it is first degraded into acetaldehyde by alcohol dehydroghenase, and then into acetic acid (a metabolite thereof) by acetaldehyde dehydronease. If this metabolism does not occur smoothly, the accumulated acetaldehyde will lead to toxin processing, causing damages to liver and brain cells, which in turn leads to the common hangover symptoms such as fatigue, abdominal distension, emesis, headache, and even chill and abdominal pain.

When taken into the prescribed formula contained in a can of Dawn 808, the natural tea has the effect of helping our body enzymes to effectively metabolise the ingested alcohol in a smooth, thereby enhancing our body recovery and preventing hangover symptoms.

Please see below for the extracts from the patent research which demonstrates the product efficacy in the test groups. In the experiments described below, test group refers to those who ingested alcohol and Dawn 808, whilst control group refers to those who ingested alcohol without Dawn 808.

Effect on blood alcohol and acetaldehye concentration over prolonged period of alcohol consumption

Group D which is in the Test Group here, demonstrated significantly lower blood alcohol and acetaldehye concentration. Group A is the control group here, while Group B does not have any alcohol intake, and Group C are those who consume alcohol in conjuction with other commercially available hangover cure in the market. As can been, Group D (i.e. Test Group) shows blood alcohol and acetaldehye concentration similar to those who didn't ingest any alcohol (Group B), ever after a continuous period of 10 weeks of alcohol intake. It also suggests the significant increase in ADH activity, for those who consume Dawn 808. From here, I guess it can be seen why Dawn 808 is said to be good for liver revitalisation / protection?

*the value in the table represent the mean and general range of the readings of individual Groups

Changes in blood alcohol and acetaldehye concentration within 1 hour

The test group demonstrate show significant drop in blood alcohol concentration within 60 minutes of consuming Dawn 808, while its Acetaldehye concentration is half the the level seen within the Control Group (those who didn't take Dawn 808) after 6 hours of alcohol consumption. I take it that it doesn't take a genius to see why Dawn 808 helps with hangover relief?

*the value in the table represent the mean readings of individual Groups

There are other various tests which demonstrated the statistically significant results in how Dawn 808 helps to achieve the acclaimed hangover prevention functions for those who consume it. Feel free to browse through the pdf report in the link here.

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