Dawn 808 or 'Yeomyung' in Korean is the #1 hangover cure in Korea and is now available in Malaysia. Widely thought to be the world's first hangover cure, Dr. Jong Hyun Nam (founder on the can) and his team attempted 807 experiments before finally achieving the perfect infusion of its patented technology and herbal tea in its 808th attempt - hence its name Dawn 808.

Made from 100% natural ingredients with zero side effects, this hangover drink comprises of water (87%), hazelnut (5.2%), licorice root (3.25%), gourd (2.6%) and honey (1.95%). Dawn 808 works by promoting enzymes which serves to break down acetaldehyde, an accumulation of which leads to the widely familiar hangover symptoms such as headache and nausea. The drink can be consumed anytime before, during or after drinking, where the earthy herbal tea-like taste makes it easy for anyone to ingest.