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Happy Hours, Birthday Parties, Networking Drinks, Clubbings, Rave Parties, Bachelor Nights, and Weddings. No matter the occasions, you should be able to to enjoy to the fullest and last the whole night without hangovers. Introducing Dawn 808, the Korean #1 Hangover Cure which will help you go the distance without hangovers. yOU deserve to enjoy the night out and still go about the life normally the next morning. 

DAWN 808

Your solution for a worry free night out!

Dawn 808 is the #1 Korean Hangover Cure, favoured by the hard-partying Koreans. It was the first commercially available Hangover Cure which sparked the now booming hangover cure market globally. First invented by Dr. Jong Hyun Nam in 1992, the formula was perfected only after his 808th attempts and is now patented and sold in over 11 countries including Korea and USA. 

Made from all natural ingredients among which are Acacia and Licorice, this miracle tea helps in the proper metabolism of alcohol and acetaldehyde (byproduct of alcohol), which in turn alleviates the common hangover symptoms such as nausea, headaches, dry tongue, and more! To learn more about the science behind the magic, please see the summarised research findings contained in its patent report here!

Live to the fullest and never have to compromise on your lifestyle with Dawn 808. You shouldn't have to let your next morning go to waste after a fun night out! Let Dawn 808 take you from Dusk To Dawn!! 

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"It really worked on the next day of hangovers"

-5 stars review-


‘Dawn 808’, or ‘Yeomyung’ in Korean, is the world first hangover recovery drink and its actual effect is very outstanding compared to other drinks. In 10~30 mins after drinking this, you can feel the hangover being relieved

-5 stars review-

Anonymous Reviewer on Amazon

Wow, it worked great. I always feel a bit hazy or run-down the morning after a few drinks, but I drank this Hangover bottle right before I went to bed and I woke up refreshed like I did not drink the night before!
Thank you for the great product !!!!!!!!

-5 stars review-

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