Dawn 808 is the #1 Korean Hangover Cure, favored by the hard-partying Koreans. It was the first commercially available Hangover Cure which sparked the now booming hangover cure market globally. First invented by Dr. Jong Hyun Nam in 1992, the formula was perfected only after his 808th attempt and is now patented and sold in over 11 countries including Korea and USA. Dawn 808 is now available for purchase in Malaysia via our website or in available outlets across K.L, Penang, JB, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.



  • Made from 100% natural ingredients

Dawn 808 does not contain any chemical or artificial ingredients and is made from 100% natural ingredients. Dawn's key ingredients are water, honey, licorice root, gourd and hazelnut

  • Certified and tested

Certified by U.S. FDA and Malaysia's Ministry of Health (MoH)

  • Best consumed before or after drinking

Dawn 808 is best recommended to consume before drinking session or at the end of the night. For a heavy drinking session, we recommend to consume two cans


"‘Dawn 808’, or ‘Yeomyung’ in Korean, is the world first hangover recovery drink and its actual effect is very outstanding compared to other drinks. In 10~30 mins after drinking this, you can feel the hangover being relieved."


— Samantha Yap



KSD Network PLT

KSD Network PLT is the authorised distributor of Dawn808 in Malaysia

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